Other Coolness
Some more videos that just don't have a place elsewhere.

Katee Sackhoff Tells Joe to Watch BSG @ Wizard World Comic Con Portland 2015

My question for Katee wound up being answered better than I expected.

Katee Sackhoff panel
Wizard World Comic Con Portland 2015
Talking in the Theater

Shut. Up.
STDCI Review: Carolina Crown 2009

Scott and Tim bring on their long time friend James Strecker to review Carolina Crown's 2009 production "The Grass is Always Greener."
Carolina Crown Wins DCI 2013

The announcement of Carolina Crown as the 2013 Drum Corps International World Champions in Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis, Indiana. August 10, 2013.
Yakety Scaffolding - Oregon Crusaders 2012

The 2012 Oregon Crusaders World Champion Scaffolding Crew present a side-by-side comparison of their first and last set-ups of the scaffolding.
The Hangover: Part Pooh [Official Trailer]

The official [fake] trailer for "The Hangover: Part Pooh."
James Strecker 2009

Found this little ditty on my old computer. 2009 in review for yours truly. Not a bad year.
Drum Corps Proposal

Marriage proposal by James Strecker to Jessica Nokelby in front of the Oregon Crusaders Drum & Bugle Corps, August 9, 2012.
"I Wish" - Letter C Explanation

Something I made a while back for the parade tune...

Nyan Cat - Vote for OC

Voting propaganda for the Oregon Crusaders to win $100,000 in the Chase Community Giveaway.
Justice League: Last Judgment

A mysterious alien force arrives on Earth, and even all of the Justice League's resources are unable to stop it. When the monster reaches Metropolis, Superman is all that is left to face it, but will even the Man of Steel be enough to bring Doomsday to a halt? Lives hang in the balance and the entire world must suffer at the hands of this beast in "Justice League: Last Judgment."

I must say this again: this is not a real Justice League movie, but a trailer I recently made using clips from various episodes of "Justice League" and "Justice League Unlimited." The music, since I'm sure many of you will ask, is from, a great place to find music to use in your own trailers. This is a remake of my old "Last Judgment" trailer, which you can view in my profile. I hope you enjoy.

Christmas Countdown 2014
Our "What's That Sound?" 2014 Christmas countdown.

What's That Sound?

What's that sound?
What's That Sound? 2

What's that sound?
What's That Sound? 3

What's that sound?
What's That Sound? 4

What's that sound?
What's That Sound? 5

What's that sound?

The way I see it, we've got two options.