All realities are at stake. Our only hope: one man and his army of mustachioed imaginary friends.

So...what is Vireality? The title itself is a combination of the words “viral” and “reality,” as the plot of the movie centers around a series of parallel universes inhabited by the colorful characters of YouTube. Over the course of nearly a decade, we here at JTS Entertainment, an Oregon-based film production company, have created a substantial amount of short comedy/action skits and films. Through the creation of these films, we have constructed a veritable universe of original characters and settings, and Vireality is ultimately the culmination of these creative stories.

You may be asking yourself, “do I have to watch all of your films to understand the movie?” Absolutely not. Vireality is a story all its own. It is a tale of growth, struggle, and “good vs evil” the likes of which the internet has never seen. While the underlying themes poke fun at our technology-infested modern world, the plot of the film is much closer to home.

James Strecker, director of Vireality and the hero of our story, is taken against his will into the cyberspace world of The Tube, an online database of videos spanning years of production and hundreds of narratives. Each of these videos’ respective worlds represents a different reality, and James soon becomes aware of the terror that threatens to overtake and destroy them all -- the evil warlord Goo’ghal. Together with an army of his original characters, James must defeat Goo’ghal before the tyrant makes his way to our Earth.

James Strecker | Director/Story/Editor                                         Adam Mullen | Composer

Nicholas Rylands | Writer/Actor                                                   Jon Freeman | Writer/Actor

Will Violette | Writer/Actor                                                          Joe Scott | Actor

Scott Steele | Actor                                                                     Dana Krizan | Camera

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