"Legacies of the DCAU"
SEPTEMBER 26, 2015 | Website Update

Our brand-new webcomic, "Legacies of the DC Animated Universe," is right around the corner.

In August, we publicly announced we would be putting out a DC Animated Universe online comic book starting this fall. Today, the first promo video hit the interwebs and is setting the fanboys' hearts ablaze.

"Legacies" is a fan-made, original webcomic produced by writer Ted Kendrick and illustrator James Strecker (see our About page for more info). The story is set in the continuity of the interlocking animated DC Comics series known as the DCAU, or DC Animated Universe. The intent of "Legacies" is to introduce an original story following the DCAU's familiar and unique takes on classic DC Comics heroes and villains, while simultaneously bridging the gap between the conclusion of Justice League Unlimited and the beginning of Batman Beyond, which has driven fans crazy for nearly a decade.

Back in 2012, Ted and James began the tiresome journey towards the creation of "Legacies." Below, check out the Producers' Statement video, where Ted and James talk about why they're making the comic and what to expect.

Lastly, we are excited to announce our brand-new sister channel, the Watchtower Database, which will act in the stead of the full WDb encyclopedic website for the time being. The Watchtower Database provides exciting monthly DCAU video content, as well as updates and behind-the-scenes of "Legacies of the DCAU." Check it out by clicking the logo below!

The Watchtower Database - Official Website
Legacies of the DCAU - Official Website

Stay tuned for more news concerning the comic book and other upcoming projects, here on!

Posted by James Strecker

"Batman v Superman"
MAY 11, 2015 | Video Update

Last week, the official teaser trailer for "Batman v Superman" arrived on the interwebs for all to enjoy, which sparked an idea in our geeky little heads to create an animated version. Little did we know, it would gain the most traction we have ever seen from any of our videos.

Never before has anything of ours truly "gone viral," but this seems to be the first exception. Obviously there are enough Batman and Superman (and Bruce Timm) fans out there to generate the amount of hype we have received from this video (which you can watch below). Over 30 reputable news sources have picked up the story and several have even mentioned us by name. The recognition is outstanding and we couldn't be happier about it.

The video took about a week to make. Creator James Strecker has been a fan of the Bruce Timm DC Animated Universe since he learned to walk, and has been drawing in that distinctive style just as long. To be honest, we made the video just to see it exist for our own enjoyment. Our videos often never circulate much past our friends and family, and we are lucky if we get several hundred views and even one or two comments.

But this...well...just check it out.

We also just released the third installment in our "Vireality" vlogs, which also talks about the "Batman v Superman" animated trailer and some exciting upcoming projects, so don't miss it.

Stay tuned for more news concerning the movie, the comic book, and upcoming projects, here on!

Posted by James Strecker

"Vireality" Vlog #2 - Fundraiser Recap and First Poster!
FEBRUARY 22, 2015 | Video Update

The second of our vlogs about our new movie, "Vireality."

Posted by James Strecker

New Website Launched
FEBRUARY 21, 2015 | Website Update

We are proud to unveil our brand-new website at!

With this new site comes a much-needed organization of all JTS Entertainment projects, news, service info, and other details that have, until now, been spread across the internet through various forms of disjunct social media and the like.

Check back for more news on a regular basis as we continue production of our latest feature film, "Vireality," and of course the comedy shows you have come to know and love.

Other than that, feel free to explore the shininess!

Posted by James Strecker

"Vireality" Vlog #1 - What is Vireality?
JANUARY 15, 2015 | Video Update

The first of many vlogs to come as we chronicle the production process of our new movie, "Vireality."

Posted by James Strecker