What is JTS Entertainment?
"I don't know what there is to explain to you people." - Hummus

JTS Entertainment is a film and multimedia production studio based out of Eugene, Oregon. We offer videography and graphic design services, including drill writing for the marching arts.

We have been in action since 2006, providing high-quality video content on our YouTube channel on a regular basis, as well as continually expanding our abilities and personal reach through filmmaking and the arts. Though we are a bunch of comedians at heart, we strive to provide the best products possible and, as the name implies, entertain.

The video world is expanding quickly, and JTS Entertainment's videography services remain up-to-date with quality equipment and quality people.
"Take a seat. Pull up a chair by the fire, sport." - We Are Thankful

High school was a weird time for all of us, but not everyone made a short film during their sophomore year about a Spanish-speaking war veteran who kills robot bears with a baseball bat.

In 2006, Brigadier Crenshaw & the Terrorist Bears of the Forest became JTS Entertainment's first real video project when co-founders Will Violette and Jon Freeman, along with past affiliate Ian Stanfield, approached their friend James Strecker (co-founder, director, editor, effects artist, etc.) to edit it for them and bring out the footage's full potential. Prior to Crenshaw, the team had little to no experience with filmmaking whatsoever, but the Spanish class video was a huge success among their peers and even sold copies around campus, leading to a sequel later that year and a full-length feature film to complete the trilogy as the students' graduating Senior Project.

Along the way, and for many years since, Strecker and an ever-growing group of collaborators continue to create comedic and action-packed sketches, music videos, motion pictures, and many other multimedia productions. In 2013, work began on the studio's current feature film project, Vireality.

James Strecker

James Strecker is a co-creator of JTS Entertainment and the forefront of the majority of its projects and services.

He has served as the screenwriter, director, editor, special effects artist, and overall producer of almost all JTS Entertainment video content, as well as having acted in many of his own roles. The letters "JTS" stand for his initials, James Thomas Strecker.

His most notable accomplishments in film include Catstroids, a finalist in the 2013 Moga Mega Video Contest, Should Have Gotten Doritos, a submission to the 2015 Crash the Superbowl Contest, and Brigadier Crenshaw Tres, a 2.5-hour-long feature created for his high school senior project.

James is a graduate of the Cinema Studies program at the University of Oregon and toured with the Oregon Crusaders Drum & Bugle Corps for five seasons, including their 2012 championship season at the Drum Corps International World Championships.

Ted Kendrick

Ted Kendrick is a screenwriter, musician, and constant collaborator with JTS Entertainment. He was a major force behind the editing and refinement of the Vireality screenplay, and is currently working with JTS Entertainment to develop more web-based content. Ted is also the lead writer and co-story plotter on the associated Legacies of the DCAU fan-comic.

Ted is a graduate of the Creative Writing program at the University of North Carolina at Asheville and currently works as a Creative Executive with Sundance award-winning Social Construct Films.

Ted Kendrick on SoundCloud

Adam Mullen

Adam Mullen is an alumnus of the University of Oregon where he recently completed his Masterís of Music degree in Multiple Brass Performance (2014). He received his Bachelor of Music in Music Education from the University of Oregon in 2011.

Adam teaches privately to brass students and community members in the Portland area. When he is not teaching or playing, Adam composes and arranges various works of music in film and for brass instruments. He also enjoys watching Star Trek.

Adam Mullen has collaborated on several projects with JTS Entertainment including short videos like Hummus, Harry Potter and the Pubescent Stage, and The Duck Lord.

Adam continues his relationship with JTS Entertainment with an original soundtrack to our newest in-progress feature film, Vireality.

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Jon Freeman

Jon Freeman has been a member of the JTS Entertainment team since its inception in 2006. He has been a regular cast member and is frequently involved in the brainstorming and screenwriting processes.

Jon was heavily involved in our Brigadier Crenshaw series, portraying multiple characters and helping to create the saga's lore and original universe.

Jon Freeman on YouTube

Will Violette

The actor behind the titular role in our Brigadier Crenshaw series, Will Violette has performed in a variety of stage and film productions. He is a founding member of JTS Entertainment and is often the brains behind some of our funniest sketches.

Willís authentic approach to character acting is what makes him a fresh and unique presence on set, and he brings the same ferocity and hilarity to the big screen in our upcoming feature film, Vireality.

Nicholas Rylands

Nicholas Rylands started his JTS affiliation with Porthole. Since then, he has been involved with numerous recent productions and is currently pursuing an acting career at The Hartt School at the University of Hartford in Connecticut.

His most notable role as the Game Show Host in Hummus and Who Would You Do For a Klondike Bar? has garnered a significantly high following.

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Scott Steele

Known to the JTS Entertainment community as the lovable yet terrifying Woodrow, Scott Steele has been a part of the JTS YouTube scene since 2009ís Brigadier Crenshaw Tres feature.

Zany and eccentric, Scottís characters are known to reflect different aspects of his personality. He continues to be a part of the ever-expanding filmmaking team with his role in Vireality.

Scott also runs and co-hosts the popular STDCI drum corps review channel on YouTube.

STDCI on YouTube
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Joe Scott

The majority of the video productions you will find on our YouTube channel include Joe Scott in some capacity. Joe has been a valued member of the team since his first collaboration in 2006ís Zombie Attack in Venezuela. In the sketch, Joe portrays a news anchor named Fernando Rivera, a character he will reprise 10 years later in our new film, Vireality.

Joe is also credited with his involvement in the musical score and writing process for several of our videos.